December 7th, 2010

Sammy Blink

Back to Normal

Life seems to be back to normal. I'm juggling four books I'm reading and keeping myself busy after work. I have a grand plan to make a malted cake for our family get together on Saturday. It's supposed to be similar to a cheesecake or something like that.

Just after Thanksgiving Grandpa went into the hospital due to fluid in his lungs. He's doing better now and is back home. Grandma's dementia is getting worse. We were so proud if her on our last visit when she told my husband, "You're my furry... grandson." (He's had a beard for a year now.) It took her a while to get the word for their relationship but she figured it out. When Grandpa was in the hospital she didn't ask where he was like last time. At one point she pointed to his chair and asked, "Doesn't someone usually sit there?"

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