June 26th, 2011


Birthday Stuff

So yesterday we went out to dinner with my parents to The Jury Room. It's the oldest bar in town and the menu is Italian. I tried the Tootsie Roll drink which really tasted like one! I thought the menu said it was godiva chocolate vodka with 7-up but online the recipes all have orange juice, coffee liquor and vodka. We were there to celebrate my husband's birthday. And mine.

As a surprise afterwards, we ended up at the Ohio Theater to see To Kill a Mockingbird. It's my favorite book and it's been years since I've seen the movie.

My presents included Jeni's Ice Cream book (my favorite ice cream), a corgi photo frame, a gc to amazon and a Kindle. So now I can read ebooks on my iphone, computer, laptop or Kindle. I will definitely be bringing it with me to the beach this year.