March 18th, 2012


Power Out

Today was a beautiful day with the occasional thunderstorm. I visited with my in laws, and went to a birthday party for two little cousins. The 5-year-old hid his face during the birthday song. The 3-year-old loved the attention.

This evening we finished up the first season of Downton Abbey. I made some yummy tacos with ground beef and black beans for dinner.

We had a tornado warning earlier. The power flashed a few times, we had hail, and lightning struck nearby. I tasted the hail. It was like a small ice cube.

While making popcorn to snack on during The Amazing Race, the power went off for good. For the last hour we've been reading by candlelight and listening to the wind and rain outside.

During some of my morning walks, it is so quiet I can hear the roar of the pine needles moving in the wind. It is similar to the sound of the ocean but not as loud.

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