April 17th, 2012



Sammy usually hangs out under the couch in the mornings while I eat my breakfrast. Last week he got stuck. It was the most pitiful sight. His front legs were flailing and he was making little squeaky noises. I lifted the couch, he got out and he hasn't been under it since then.

All week I've been missing it.

Today he did it! We were able to sleep in today and there were some nearby trucks he could hear outside. Just trembling. And he didn't want to go for his walk. He did it. And he cut it short!

He was able to get out from under the couch on his own so maybe he's okay with it after all.

Sammy's may not be the dog I hoped he'd be but I do accept his quirks. Some days I wish he followed the motto, "Bark Less, Wag More". I'd have less headaches. :)