December 27th, 2012


Christmas Part One

My family usually gets together on Christmas Eve but I had to work and wasn't sure when work would let us leave so we didn't get together. And of course I got to leave at noon. :p

It was odd to have Christmas Eve to just me, my husband and Sammy.

We spent Christmas Day with the in-laws. Usually I have the most presents because my husband and I exchange gifts in front of our families. This year we didn't buy any gifts at all. So it was pretty funny to see my MIL and FIL still opening presents after dinner. That's right, we opened stockings, unwrapped presents, ate dinner, then watched them finish unwrapping gifts. After a bit we skyped with the brother-in-law and his family in North Carolina. Mostly my niece got as close as she could to the computer and tried to show is things. She doesn't say much at this point. The funniest thing was when she got my oldest nephew's reader for school about the Titanic and kept showing us a picture of a plane. My husband started finding plane pictures on his phone and holding them up to the web cam. She got so excited and starting saying "more", "plane" and "please".

Then we want home and started getting ready for the next work day.

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