January 2nd, 2014


Happy 2014!!

I hope everyone had a happy new year celebration. Husband and I didn't talk about it much and surprisingly ended up doing the usual. We got a pizza from Hound Dog's, watched The Hunt and then proceeded to watch CNN with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper.

The Hunt was not a feel good type of film but had a director and actors I liked.

Today I planned on updating Quicken, making beef stew, and trying to work on my books read list for 2013. I ended up going with my husband to a mall to get him some clothes. We left after 6 hours but I hit my wall of patience around hour 5. (Lunch was in there somewhere.)



I guess this is the year for cleaning? Husband couldn't locate a receipt for an online Gap order so he started cleaning. After he found it, he then decided it was time to start clearing out the closet. The man got rid of 36 shirts. And the clothes are still squeezed in there.