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The Search is Over

An email came that said my EverQuest account was reactivated for 30 days. It was tempting. So very tempting. But I pointed out to the hubby that he can burn all those DVDs for his friends because I uninstalled most of the game. I still have some screenshots but I kept the music and the voice sound files.

Tonight the quest for the PS3 60Gig ended. It's installed on the tv downstairs. Now I'm supposed to install a wireless network so it can get updates (and it would be convenient for the laptop). It's one of those weekend projects I'm not sure I want to mess with just before leaving for vacation. Cause you know it will take a few days to figure out what router to get, will it work with our cable modem or should I just call our ISP and ask for a wireless cable modem on top of putting it through the paces to make sure it all works okay. Plus I want to see how much is left in the bank account after the holiday.

We still have to buy our plane tickets for the wedding trip in February.

Several hours this evening was spent playing Resistance: Fall of Man in a cooperative game which was fun. We played the deathmatch version but I've never really gone in for those so I didn't find it as enjoyable. I was worried I'd have a difficult time with the controllers for the PS3 but so far I've done okay. Only once or twice I've spun myself in circles looking at the sky or the ground.

Skipped yoga last night because I thought we were almost done with work but it kept dragging out and dragging out. (I did a little at home on Saturday night.) Boss is trying to get us out of the office by noon on Friday. Either we're kicking butt at the moment or an avalanche is going to hit us on Thursday afternoon. I hope it's the former because after Friday I don't go back to work until 1/2/07!
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