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Mystery Solved - I Think

Zilla began acting strange on Monday night. Not much energy... achey when he got up... not much appetite. I thought his fur was falling out because of the unseasonably warm weather. Nope. My husband was trying to conserve Zilla's thyroid medicine to make it last longer and in the process forgot when doses were given. So my old dog didn't have enough thyroid hormone to have any get up and go.

It's been a day and half since he's gotten back on his medicine. And he is doing so much better! We had to help him up and down stairs before and he wasn't showing much interest in anything.

Now he's barky when one of us isn't home. And he is following us around instead of staying in one spot. The spark in his eyes has returned. I didn't have the heart to tell him to be quiet while my husband's been out. I've been so happy to hear his voice.

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