dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Gail - My New Friend

Last weekend I subjected myself to Gail.

October is breast cancer awareness month and Nordstrom gives a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation based on the number of bras purchased during bra fittings. Time is one of those things that slip away easily and I finally got to Nordstrom.

I called earlier in the week to make an appointment but I was told I didn't need one. Anyone in the lingerie department would be able to assist me. A few days later I braced myself and made the trip to the mall.

It seems I arrived on the day a bridal party was being fitted. Gail said she'd assist me after a room opened up and asked me to wait at the chairs near the fitting room. The sounds from beyond the doors were that of a party. Women were giggling, laughing, and telling jokes. For once, I wanted to be where the party was. Twenty minutes passed. A gaggle of women came out, purchases were rung up, and Gail showed me to dressing room #3.

I took off my coat and sweater for her. Statistics fly around about how 9 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size. Gail efficiently measured my chest and stated the magic number. Surprisingly I had been wearing the correct size. She asked about my cup size and left to go find me some things. Before very long, she returned with a pink, girly, lacy number. Gail explained it offered full coverage. She placed herself behind me. I took off the old bra and she slipped the straps of the pink one over my shoulders. She hooked me up in back and asked me to pull the cups down. Gail asked to see the front.

In the mirror I liked what I saw. It felt strange though. This full coverage bra had extra panels inside the cups to hold my breasts in place. She said I could put on my sweater to see how it looked. The transformation was amazing. I told her I liked it so she said she'd come back with more.

That day I left with four new bras. I was given a card with care instructions. Gail suggested I purchase a lingerie wash as regular detergent will break down the elastic. I spent over $200 - you know I bought that lingerie wash.

Each day with one of my new bras has brought a challenge and a little experimentation. I've never done a scientific survey but every woman I know puts her bra on with the hook at the belly, turns it around, and puts on the shoulder straps. The straps on these bras weren't adjusted much so it's really difficult for me to do that. There just isn't a lot of room to lift the bras out to slide on the shoulder straps. After a few hours it seemed like my poor breasts were being strangled. One day I hooked the bra from behind my back and lifted up the shoulder straps. That was a little more comfortable for me. Another day I had my husband use the Gail method. He said he felt like he was putting me in a corset. You know what? Of all the days it felt the best yet.

I think I'll need to play with these a little more. After all, I can't expect my husband to dress me on a daily basis, can I?

Gail added me to her customer list so I can receive special offers in the mail. She can also keep track of my purchases now. Nordstrom's gets new colors in for each season. I didn't realize I was getting into a new relationship.

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