dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Zilla Update

No yoga tonight. Only two of us could make it. Next week I won't get to go because I'll be picking hubby up from the airport.

The vet called yesterday to say Zilla's blood levels looked good but the liver enzymes were elevated. This afternoon he called to say he got the rest of the results. The lymph node aspiration indicates lymphoma so he thinks Zilla has lymphoma in the liver. From what I read over the weekend, dogs live 1-2 months after diagnosis with no treatment. A large percentage (about 90%) live 6-12 months longer with treatment. Twenty percent of those dogs live another 2 years or longer.

Zilla's first appointment with a specialist is tomorrow at 2pm.

It's strange. During the last scare I didn't think he had cancer but this time I just knew it.
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