dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Chemo Treatment #1

Zilla was perky this morning but wondered why he didn't get any food. At lunchtime he got really excited when he saw his crate go to the car. He was excited by a new place with new smells. When we got there he let me fill out the forms and made me take him out to pee before his appointment.

I like the vet and her staff. Zilla did well during his time with the vet and she commented in her notes about him being a sweet fellow. Yeah - he's always been a sweet guy. :)

Not much food eaten today and not much interest in food. I did get all of his pills down him but he's had several accidents. Of the four I've only seen him do one. It wasn't my brightest idea to try and give him some wet food this evening.
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