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Thanksgiving, etc.

For Thanksgiving we went to my husband's aunt's house. At 33 we were the youngest there for dinner this year. We split into two tables for eating the meal. Half of my table had diabetics so part of the after dinner conversation was about how two of them manage their diabetes. The things we listen to as we get older, I guess....

Over the weekend my husband and I looked at new monitors. This one (we bought it in October 2003, I think) went all fuzzy in September so I have a hard time playing EverQuest for a long time. I get a headache and my eyes go kind of funny on me. Purple text shows as blue on top and red on the bottom with some purple in between. As much as I try to mess with the settings, it doesn't work. I showed my husband some different ones I want and he would have bought me a new one but I was worried about whether or not we'd have enough money for rent.

Our printer died on Thanksgiving. We've had it almost as long as we've been married. We replaced the HP LaserJet 4 with a Brother HP-1440. I hooked it up today. It does a nice job.

The last few days have been spent watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season Four) and Angel (Season One). I did finish reading The Reptile Room. Most of my dreams over the weekend have been supernatural in nature or dark. It must be from watching Buffy and Angel before bed.

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I worked. The day itself wasn't bad but this is the second year I've worked a company holiday. At the beginning of the day, my main customer thanked me for all the work I do for her, because it's appreciated. Later she yelled at me because some procedures she asked to be changed on Tuesday weren't done yet. I almost said, "I submitted them Wednesday morning based on the infomation you gave me. You want me to bring someone in on Thanksgiving or the day after to do this for you? You're crazy!" I'm ready for another job.

Friday and Saturday I did some Christmas shopping. Most of my brother's family is taken care of now. We spend most of our holiday spending on my brother-in-law and his wife. They're the easiest to shop for so we find lots of things for them. Being in Ecuador they have a lot of time on their hands to read books, listen to CDs, or watch DVDs on their laptop. They don't have a TV in their apartment. Recently my brother-in-law got a copy of Master and Commander and used a movie projector to watch it.

I had a nice visit with my family doctor today. I last saw him about 2 and a half years ago. He's got braces now and we had a good conversation. He told me I shouldn't be worried about my ears popping when I sneeze. He was pleased with my weight loss but then when he realized I last saw him over two years ago, he wasn't so happy. He told me to keep at the walking and doing the exercise tapes.

In the afternoon I had an appointment with my dentist. He's moving to a new house in Plain City after work today. The people were still in the house but had until eleven am to move out. Usually I see one of his partners so it was nice to see him.

I had the day off work today for my appointments. I spoke to the cell phone people on why my cell phone isn't working... I have to keep using my reminder to buy Tracfone minutes so I don't keep getting new phone numbers. Twice my car died. The first time was at the gas station. I pulled up to the road so I could leave and it stopped. The second time I was on the exit ramp I take to get to my apartment. My parents gave me the cell phone last year for Christmas so I'd have it in emergencies. So the day my car dies I don't have it because it doesn't work. *blech*

I looked through the Help Wanted Ads and went to my web sites looking for a new job. I found an interesting one at JP Morgan Chase aka Bank One as an analyst business lead in their money-laundering division. I may not know how to use the specific software, but I can do the general stuff.

I did very well today. Only once did I check my voice mail at work. I did check my email this evening in hopes that my business trip to Cleveland tomorrow would be cancelled. No such luck. My winter coat is still at the dry cleaners so I'm pretty much going to freeze after we get there. It's been about 35 degrees. The apartment has seemed cold today which hasn't helped. I had an email from one of my employees complaining about the treatment he received from a co-worker today. He said that she berated him, asked if he was illiterate and repeated what he did to several people. I'm so depressed now.

I spent most of the 19th interviewing people so I could write someone up for creating a hostile work environment. I really like helping my employees, but sometimes I wonder if I'm just an underpaid babysitter for all of the crap they put me through. The person he complained about has a chip on her shoulder most of the time so I will need to get HR involved in this. She's a decent employee who acts like she's bothered when the phone rings. Sometimes I want to shake her until her eyes roll into the back of her head while screaming, "Hello? You answer calls in a call center!!!!! How can it be a bother when the phone rings? That's part of your job." The only good thing is that she's likely to be placed on a written warning. When we do layoffs in a few months, the people on written warnings (not attendance related) will be the first ones to go. Because I have this meeting in Cleveland (we're leaving at 10am) I won't be able to care of this until Wednesday. Plus my boss cancelled a demo with my main customer so we could go to Cleveland and meet with a potential customer. Now he's trying to get it scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday. I still have to review the information in the demo and let the programmers know what needs to be changed. I just want to give him the middle finger and walk out.

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