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Not so bad

The customer visit to Cleveland didn't go too badly. We actually went to Richfield and from our conference room we could see part of a lake and a waterfall. Along the skyline was the Richfield nature park. Apparently when the Richfiled Colesium (butchered that spelling!) was torn down and the Gund Arena was built, the land was kept as a nature park.

I found out my boss is only three years older than I. My friend from work was with us so the three of us talked about music and one of the ladies in the office.

My cell phone started working last night. I called before Tracfone's customer service closed and before I even got to speak with anyone I was instructed to enter in some codes into my phone.

Today I drove my husband's car to work. I forgot to ask him if my car gave him any problems today.

I have an idea for an essay rattling around my head. The topic: buckeyes.

Last night we saw the season finale of Buffy. Tonight I imagine we'll see the season finale of Angel. That would be a good thing since it was due back to the library today. Tomorrow night I'll probably get to play some EQ.

Thursday and probably Friday I'll be with my husband at his work. Thursday is the kick-off for the Columbus International Children's Film Festival! He and one of the educators at work did the programming and arranged for the films to be brought in.

For some strange reason, our apartment has been cold the last two days. I've checked the pilot light on the furnace many times and it's on. My husband has checked it too.

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