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Freezing Fog Advisory?

This morning was the first time I'd raised my voice at Zilla in a while. Since his last chemo treatment he's had the bladder of an old woman. If he could, he'd use the bathroom every three hours. He's been waking up at 7:45am asking to go out which was annoying when we can all sleep in during the weekend. Today he began whining between 6:00am and 6:15am. Since the alarm went off at 6:30am I took him out.

And slid all around the sidewalk. He couldn't really get a good foothold anywhere but he insisted on going further and further out into the yard. I'm in my flannel nightgown, winter coat, and winter boots crunching and sliding on the frozen over snow trying to get him to come back. It would have been worse if he wasn't on a leash. :)

When I came inside I watched the news to find out the weather and it seems we have a freezing fog advisory until 10am. Never heard of such a thing. This means FedEx will be late today, I'm sure of it.

I applied for another job in my department with hours of 10am to 7pm in hopes that the working hours would be more consistent.
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