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This is not an exaggeration... I've uploaded almost 100 pictures to Flickr today during the last six or seven hours. It's the first long stretch of uninterrupted computer time I've had to get this done. I still have one or two more photo albums to do but they can wait a little longer. It feels good to finally have some done.

No trip to Ecuador for me. My in-laws are moving back to the US later this month.

We thought we were done with our taxes when a revised form came from UBS yesterday.

I have a lot of entries for LJ that are sitting in my drafts folder - don't know when I'll get to catch up. At work they're trying to get me out at a reasonable hour. Part of it depends on when the second-shift person starts his new hours and he doesn't want to meet with our manager to talk about it.

I'm way behind in my critiques for my online writing group. I wish I still had the local writing group, even if there were only two of us that regularly attended the meetings.

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