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Today at work I put in 10 hours and had my main customer chewing on my behind for about an hour and a half of it.

Went to two libraries after work. In my neighborhood I saw a woman walking corgwyn! I'm sure I've seen her before. One is a red Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the other is a tri-colored Cardigan Welsh Corgi. I then drove to Panera for dinner but they didn't have any parking spaces. As I was waiting to turn out of the parking lot, I noticed flames across the street. Someone had parked their car on that side of the street and had their hood up. The flames were at least six inches in height. The owner came running up to the front with a fire extinguisher and put it out.

When I got home my husband asked if I had a good time tonight. I said, "Yes! I saw two Corgis and a car on fire!"

I went to Zyng's for our dinner, played some NWN and some EQ. Time for bed!

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