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Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics was a hit. Two weekends ago on Saturday evening I was at home and saw The Avengers. All of the witty remarks and jokes fell flat, unlike the ones in Music and Lyrics. Surprisingly, Hugh Grant has a nice singing voice. In the Woody Allen film, Everyone Says I Love You, Drew Barrymore's singing voice was dubbed. Some say it was at Drew's request and some say it was Woody's decision. Her voice was good for this part.

We've recently finished The Ben Stiller Show which was funny. Most of the sketches were mildly amusing. A re-telling of the Bride of Frankenstein as if Woody Allen had done it was a true showpiece for comedic acting and writing. Discs one and two of Battlestar Galactica's first season has arrived. We're about caught up with Heroes and some of the other shows that are scheduled for the DVR.
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