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Zilla had a Setback

On the 23rd I had to make the decision whether or not Zilla should get the next drug in his treatment or use another one. It is a powerful drug but can weaken the heart. On more than one occasion the vet has heard a premature heartbeat but it's not consistent. I decided to do it. The lymph nodes had been smaller for several weeks and the vet considered him to be in partial remission.

The day his pink bandage was removed (the 25th) he stopped eating. It was weird. He was excited about his breakfast and doing a little anticipation dance. I set it down, he took a whiff, turned his nose and wanted nothing to do with it. We finally got him to start eating different foods again on the 28th. But what followed smelled horrible! Diarrhea for a week. With dry dog food finally came some relief for him (and us!). There was a water boil alert for our area because the water was cloudy. The health department recommended bottled water for the young, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. Zilla got Aquafina treatment for a few days. Since eating dry food he's been a little piggy. Either the prednisone has kicked in or he was getting used to the three meals a day we were giving him to keep his weight up while he had loose stools.

Yesterday he had another chemo treatment. The good news is that his weight is up one pound. Just underneath his skin on the right side of his neck the vet found more lymphoma. He was given another strong drug but it shouldn't have the same heart weakening side effect. Even with the diarrhea he was in a very good mood last week. It's sometimes hard to believe a war between cells is going on inside him. The vet tech made me laugh when she said his treatment went perfectly; he was asleep the entire time.

Did you know a Corgi can be lassoed? I wish I had seen it with my own eyes. The vet uses slip leads for outpatient treatments. On the drive home my husband had some McDonald's which tempted Zilla into climbing into the front of the car. It wasn't really tempting so much as another excuse. Zilla always wants to be in the front seat; that's one reason why he usually travels in a crate. When Zilla got out of the car he'd slipped out of the lead and was running around the yard just out of my husband's reach. My husband was encumbered with his meal, his messenger bag, and the items given to him by the vet's office. Without giving it too much thought he started twirling the lead in the air and a Corgi was caught.
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