dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Expecting the Worst

A few years ago I created a network... hubby and I were able to play Baldur's Gate together. It was fun. Then the modem began acting up. We were given another one but lo and behold the network never worked again. Then I built the new PC and I didn't bother trying to setup the network. Our old PC is really super slow but it would have been nice to check something on the laptop when the PC was occupied (read: EverQuest).

In 2005 I had the laptop updated so everything on the keyboard worked, had more memory, and it had a wireless connection. (It's about 5 years old at this point.)

Around Christmas 2006 my hubby gets his Playstation 3 and wants to download the updates without having to haul it upstairs to the cable modem.

Today I bit the bullet and took care of my hubby. The wireless network works (and was easier to setup than the one I did for my in-laws). I can use the laptop in the bedroom and later tonight I'll try it in the family room. He's been downloading his Playstation 3 updates for the last hour or so. Now I'm just expecting the modem to go South or something else to mess things up. :-/

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