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Not So Bad

Hubby called me at lunch time to say he was returning from Laughing Ogre with one of the few remaining issues of Strangers in Paradise and the first issue of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Yay! He was all bubbly - who could remain in a bad mood when hearing that voice on the phone? Certainly not me.

The day overall was a busy one at work. It was a little stressful just because there was so little downtime. I'm supposed to have a temp come in soon but I don't know how soon. My co-worker on leave with the National Guard had his leave extended again (I think for the third time since he left in September).

Zilla had fun chowing on his Kong filled with peanut butter this evening. The cropped yoga pants I ordered from Land's End fit. Though my yoga classes are over it's nice to know I have pants that fit for when I exercise or when the weather gets nicer and I go for more walks.

The time change is really messing up my system. I'm much more tired than usual - I guess I better start getting ready for bed earlier in the night.

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