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Rambles and Photos

So the internet connection did go flaky for a while. The router wasn't being recognized for some reason. Taking the power off for a bit helped. *shrugs* Don't know what that was about.

Gassed up my car on the way home from work. It feels good to not have to worry about that for a bit.

I now have Shutterfly and Snapfish accounts in addition to the Flickr account. My friend in WI imported all of her contacts into Snapfish which invited all the people to view her photos. The only way to see the pictures is with an account though. My brother-in-law and his wife have had a Shutterfly account for years (probably 10 now?). It offers a lot with it - pictures, books, note cards, notepads, calendars, mugs, etc. The Las Vegas bride and groom uploaded their pictures to Shutterfly and invited other people to upload their photos but an account was needed. So I finally created one. With the first 30 days of membership you get 15 free photos and I've already been offered a free photobook.

My sister-in-law made one for ~C~'s first year. It is so adorable. I love my nephew so much. I'm not sure what it is - I have one niece, one nephew, two step-nieces, one step-nephew, two great-nieces and two great-nephews. Some have been around longer than him but I feel the closest to him. Maybe it's because of his age. Even with them living in Quito we've seen them when they've visited and kept up with pictures. I really should call my other sister-in-law just to say hello.

I have also been meaning to call the bride since she got married but haven't really had a chance. I'm hoping it will get done on Sunday. I also really need to sit my behind down and do some writing. And I need to post some critques for my internet writing group. We have some new members and I want to give them the same thoughtful critques they've given me.

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