dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Muppets and Brothers

Today is the first day of the Jim Henson material at my husband's work. So far there have been musical numbers, peeks behind the scenes, Fraggle Rock, environment PSAs, a computer-animated short, and giant pez dispensers. The bookstore will probably make a killing on that last item.

I found myself crying through most of the musical program. Some I remember watching on tv but it really made me remember how no one in my family argued over the tv when The Muppet Show came on. My brother and I would lay on the floor. I think my parents watched it too and my other brother was usually out. It's been over twenty years since my brother died and sometimes I wonder how much he would have changed over the years.

Right now The Muppet Movie is playing. I'll go back when it's over to have dinner with my hubby and parents-in-law then stay for the Muppet history, commercials, and experimental work Jim Henson did.

It was neat seeing the kids make sock puppets. Some of them were really creative.
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