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Last night I made a killer dinner that I'd been trying to make for the past two or three weeks. The recipe came from Real Simple for gnocci with sausage and spinach. I really need to go to The North Market more often for food. The Italian Sausage was so flavorful! I still have half the gnocci I bought. The recipe was for four people and I decided we were going to have too many leftovers if I made it all.

I seem to cook even less than I used to about three months ago which I miss. But I'm also not really giving dinner the thought I used to. I told my husband a while ago that if he didn't like what I bought while grocery shopping that he should do it from now on. Of course that didn't last and I still wind up buying junk but I buy a lot more organic items than before.

Yesterday I also got to add a few hundred words to a non-fiction piece. I'm dancing around where I want to be instead of writing it down. I can't figure out why.

About a week or so ago we watched the first Battlestar Galactica. I won't post any spoilers. :) It was my kind of show. We'll probably start the first season this week or next week.

Zilla's next chemotherapy treatment is tomorrow. He's had no side effects from the last treatment. In fact, he's taken to eating his pill pockets again (not refrigerated though) which is encouraging and it certainly makes it easier to give him his pills.

The dry cleaner down the street also does laundering. I dropped some things off last week. I forgot to mention some of the stains (like the hot bacon mustard salad dressing) but everything came out great. Some days I wish I could just give them all of my clothes to launder.
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