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I've managed to finish The Wide Window and The Lovely Bones. I'm sure I've finished another book or two besides those but I can't think of them off the top of my head. I'm on the letter P in the Bill Bryson book.

Last night I was going to play EverQuest but I worked late and went to the libraries to pick up some reserved items and to drop off some items that were due. When I got home, my husband was back from his work's Christmas party. I think he liked the people he got to spend time with and I'm sure drinking as much as he did made the party somewhat more bearable. Karaoke is just not his thing. He seemed to be having such a good time at home that I told him I'd watch a movie I picked up on his recommendation.

I watched Small Change but it wasn't everything that he had built it up to be.

Time to log in!

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