dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

It All Feels Weird, Doesn't It?

The weekends are the most difficult.

One morning I asked my husband, "Does it feel weird to you?" And his response said it best, "It all feels weird, doesn't it?"

I told my husband that we've lost the straight man to our jokes. But he still makes us laugh. Last weekend we picked up his ashes. Earlier this week I couldn't find a pair of jeans. I found them on Zilla's box and announced to my husband, "Zilla had them!"

The oncology office sent us a card with several pieces of paper with his paw prints. It was sweet and I'm so glad to have them. Yesterday another package marked Fragile arrived which we opened together. It's a green disk, probably clay, of his paw print and his name. It reminds me of the hand prints we did for my mother (that my sister-in-law still needs to give her).

With a straight face my husband said, "I didn't know Zilla was doing arts and crafts at the vet's office."
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