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Long weekend!

This weekend we saw Bright Leaves, Closer and Ocean's Twelve. I'm now on the letter W in the Bill Bryson book. I've enjoyed reading it, but I feel like it's been taking a long time.

I reviewed some stories today on Ink Slingers. I bought the 2005 Writer's Market book yesterday and they paid me $1 for it! I had a sale coupon and a gift card from last Christmas. It's got some interesting things in it.

I had a phone call today from our rental office. The kitchen cabinets have arrived and will be installed tomorrow. *does a little happy dance*

I'm starving and we have no clean dishes for me to make soup or anything. That's my fault as much as my husband's.

We celebrated Christmas with his extended family on Saturday. We got a beautiful wine decanter from Pottery Barn from one of his aunts. After the dinner and the exchange of gifts, we played Texas Hold'Em. I got 4th place and my husband won 2nd.

I took the day off work and had hoped to get some more Christmas shopping done but I'm without a car at the moment. We have some snow on the ground. The dog is happy to have me home, but I don't want to go outside. The seamstress had to order a zipper from a NY Catalog and there is no ETA on my coat.

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