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Brief Update

I'm feeling a lot better. Unfortunately my husband has been feeling down and up. We had tickets to see Morrissey on Friday. He didn't feel up to though. I could have left work early because everyone knew I had plans but I stayed. Hubby found someone at his work to take the tickets.

Without meaning to do so, I've introduced a time suck to our lives. michaeljr915 offered me a copy of Oblivion for the PC but I declined. As it turns out, the PS3 version is just as addicting as any PC version of a game. In a way it feels like EverQuest all over again.

Hubby is flying through levels and I'm stuck. I can't even do "little" quests to advance in the fighter's guild. I couldn't even close one of the gates without him playing my character. It's a little dispiriting.

Sunday we went to four open houses. We really liked three of them.

We visited with my husband's maternal grandfather on Sunday. He has good and bad days. Fortunately, we were there on a good day. He knows the lung cancer will kill him; he just doesn't know when his time will come. The good thing is that he's making his wishes known now.

A few weeks ago we had a family poker get together where he gave my husband a $2 bill with a dime embedded in it. At Christmas he shared some of his memories with the family, including the story of the bill with the dime. When my husband was young he wrote a letter to his grandmother and included the dime because she was always giving him money and he wanted her to have some. For thirty years he's carried that bill and dime in his wallet.

The last two weeks have brought some books in the mail for me to review. I began one and now I can't find it. I was enjoying it so I hope I find it soon.
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