dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Walking Fool

I was a walking fool yesterday. Mostly by necessity until the evening.

The city is working on an overpass which is above the lot I normally park in. The cafe by the Wonder Bread factory has graciously let us use their parking. So 20-minutes to walk to work (after a 10-minute drive).

The lunch lady didn't have change so I couldn't buy lunch with a $10. I walked to the food court at the Convention Center. I'd heard the food court was at the very end but really... it's at the very end! I think the last time I ate there was for a comics convention many many years ago. After lunch I had to walk back. Then I after work I had to walk to the car.

I had a super fun evening of walking at Easton, eating at Bon Vie and watching a movie. It was an action packed night. I could easily get used to this new work schedule.
Tags: exercise, movies

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