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Small Update

We were sent a picture of ~W~. He was kinda squishy looking and we could only see half his face but his parents say he looks like ~C~ but with blonde hair. For now we'll have to take their word for it.

Today was the big day to find out if the home seller was going to remedy the things we asked or try to compromise. She agreed. Yay!

About half of the living room is cleared out. Boxes are starting to pile up in the corner. The estimate I got from Leaders Moving was for 20 boxes of stuff. I may need to get a new estimate.

Last night I went to the skating rink. My WI friend was in town for her sister's high school graduation. Guess where the graduation party was held? The outside looked the same. There were a few cars with parents waiting for their kids. The entry way looked different. A lot of signs about behavior, rules and no weapons allowed. We were waiting in line to get in when my friend found us and we began chatting. The security guard noticed and let us walk right in. It was a little strange not to have to walk in with the kids. I don't know if it was because we were obviously with the graduation party or obviously caucasian. It was rap night and during the short time we were there it became apparent moonlight skates were not popular.

Today I heard from one of our old neighbors. She spoke to hubby for a bit and then me. I'm looking forward to seeing her next month though we didn't make any plans. Her dog, Grendel, was Zilla's girlfriend. They loved sleepovers and playing together. We were really sad when she moved away (even if it was just over to 6th Avenue) because sometimes she was the highlight of our day.

The ending to The Sopranos had me sunk into the couch, cringing with fear and tears in my eyes in anticipation of what would be coming. It never did and when the screen went to black I was able to breathe peacefully once more.
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