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Media Update

It looks like I won’t get the supervisor position at work. The position is being reworked from a documentation type job to a hands-on techy job. That’s okay. My co-worker is filling in for the time-being and I’m sure it won’t be long before they announce he’s got it. Good for him!!

Last night we didn’t really do any packing. My husband watched the original Superman: The Movie while I kept falling asleep. It was the extended version. Seeing it was a little funny because some of the Superman Returns movie was a repeat. For instance, when Lois Lane starts to light a cigarette, Superman comments that she shouldn’t smoke. And if I recall correctly, he tells her both times she doesn’t have lung cancer yet.

Earlier this week we saw an episode of The Banana Splits and Friends Show. The opening and ending credits were filmed at King’s Island in Cincinnati. I don’t remember ever seeing it in California but I did see it a few times after we moved to Ohio. One of the segments we saw was directed by Richard Donner (before he made Superman: The Movie) and I pegged one of the actors. I kept staring and finally asked my husband, “Is that Jan-Michael Vincent?” Apparently when he was just beginning to act he went by Michael Vincent.