dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

House Stuff

I think we’re going to have the hardwood floors upstairs done before we move in. I have to make some calls to find someone who can do it and see how long it will delay our move-in. Yesterday we kind of decided on front porch furniture. We still have a new mattress and no bed to put it in.

Most nights I wheeze and cough as I slumber. The allergist appointment can’t come soon enough. My husband said he considered packing me off to my parents or his parents for the next two weeks so he could go crazy packing. It made me feel like I was holding him back from getting packing done but I know that’s not how he meant it.

We picked out roof shingles and some new siding for the house on Saturday. It was nice to spend some time on the porch. Last night we met with our insurance agent to get change our renter’s insurance to homeowner’s insurance.

Everything is going so smoothly. I keep expecting something really bad to happen because I’m afraid all this good stuff is setting me up for a fall. I’ll probably find out the cough I’ve had isn’t from my allergies but emphysema.

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