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Corgi Picnic Day

Today is the Ohio Corgi Picnic Day. No, we're not disgusting and eat Corgis. We celebtate them! Several states have a get together each year. Money raised through items and silent auctions goes to CorgiAid. They provide grants to rescuers and adoptees of homeless corgis who need medical attention to find their forever homes. They also have a cart program for Corgis that need help in their later years.

One of the Mansfield area ladies breeds Cardigans. She has a 4-year-old girl who loves kids that I thought I might take home one day. The perfect home has been found, though. A family with a diabetic young boy had a pup that would be sweet and gentle then go Cujo on everyone but the boy the next minute. Upon this breeder's advice they put the puppy down. He had a brain tumor that made him act this way. The Cardigan girl is going to this family. She has experience with children with medical needs. The breeder described her as watching the kids from the window wondering when they were going to visit her. The breeder has an older fellow (he's 8) she's decided not to breed because of his bite. If I recall correctly, a Cardigan breeder passed away last year (or the year before) and his dozen dogs were dispersed around the US. This dog is one of them. I'm not sure I want to get a dog that's that old. I've been thinking 2 to 4 would be good.

The picnic today may be hard. It's the 9th annual picnic. Zilla and I attended four or five of them together. There's a female who comes every year that has the same eyeliner as Zilla. Few Corgis have it.

The first milestone I wanted for Zilla was his 11th birthday which he made and this picnic was the second milestone. He would have been in complete remission if he were going to the picnic.

Zilla didn't mind or pay attention to the other dogs at the picnic. It was always me he had his eye on - even off leash he would not be far from me.

Today I'll get to play with some puppies that are already spoken for but it should be fun.
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