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The last few days have been an exercise for my belly.

Friday was hubby's birthday. He's really been wanting to take me to the Surly Girl Saloon so we drove by. The craziness known as Comfest taking place nearby really limited parking. So we ended up at Cap City Diner. I don't recall what he ordered but I had short ribs with lobster scalloped potatos. For dessert he had the Peach Brandy Bread Pudding and I had the Seriously Big Chocolate Cake. The cake was still good on Saturday and Sunday when I finished it.

For my birthday we were going to the Rossi Bar and Grill since they are supposed to have excellent hamburgers and french fries. I changed my mind and we went to Rosendales where I felt like the Top Chef cooks were hiding in the kitchen. We started the meal off with Angus Beef Carpaccio with Fried Potato Fritters, and Creole Mustard. Not too much corn for my tummy. I don't like mustard as a general rule and I liked this version. Hubby had the Organized Ceasar Salad which was pretty and he said it was good too. The web site has the recipe for it. He had the 48 Hour Beef Short Ribs and I had the Peppercorn and Coffee Encrusted Angus Steak with Parsnips, a Potato Stick and something I didn't recognize. Both dishes were tasty. Hubby had the Lemon Curd with Raspberries and I had the Chocolate Molten Cake with Vanilla Bean ice cream to finish off our meal. It's been hours since we ate and I still feel full. The long walk to the car in the rain did nothing to make the food digest faster.

The roof is done on the house. The siding shingles is nearly done. One section in front has exposed wood until it gets done. I guess I'm really moving, huh? The cashier's check is all ready for tomorrow morning's closing. The hardwood floor guy gave us an estimate on Wednesday and said they'd have the floor done in 4 to 5 days. Even the hardwood floor guy told us we had a good house! I have to follow-up with him tomorrow to find out when we're scheduled so I can call the movers. Today I really started switching magazines, credit cards and misc. stuff over to the new address. I still feel like it's a dream though.

I had a dust mishap in the wee Wednesday hours which resulted in a trip to the emergency room and two prescriptions to help me limp along until my July 3rd allergist appointment. The good news is that it was my eye and not any of my breathing parts (which is usually what happens).

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