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I offered our wall air conditioner unit on Craig's List Thursday in hopes to get rid of it this weekend. One woman from Akron responded last night. She's a single mom with two kids who wants one to cool her downstairs because it's boiling in the house. i will not be one of those people that say they want to buy something from you and then they don't show up. i will deffently be there.

The questions she asked me on the phone today were in the posting (purchased May 2000 and 8K BTU) and she said her dad was in town and would be here in an hour. Two hours later he's still not here. I check my email to get her number and she wimped out by sending me an email stating that he wanted to get her one a little bit newer.

Hubby tore his only pair of shorts taking it down the stairs. Since our apartment has mostly two-pronged outlets I had to find a grounded one so her dad could test the unit. Blech!

Not a good first time Craig's List experience.

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