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Goodbye Clown Car Apartment!

After much work on my husband’s part he declared he could do no more to the apartment on Thursday. Each time he thought he was finished, a closet or cabinet held more of our treasures collected over the last 11 years. He turned in the keys and parking pass on Thursday.

Friday he bought paint for the guest bedroom and ran around gathering things for our anniversary. My mother-in-law was there cleaning things up. Our dining room was completely functional while our kitchen was really close.

When I came home from work I found flowers on the dining room table. The colors match the dining room curtains. Hubby was afraid he would not have time on Monday to get me anniversary gifts. So I have a new writing journal, some yummy looking chocolate bars and a sweet card.

We spent the rest of the night cleaning. Saturday we went to his Grandpa’s for poker. For the tournament game we won first and second places. His Grandpa came in third. “I have to call Medicaid on Monday. Those kids took all my money!”

After poker we went to a double feature. The first was Once. It was a sweet movie. I enjoyed the music in it but wished there were more songs. Next on the bill was Joshua. Do not see this movie if you are thinking about kids. It’s not a demonic child movie as much as it’s about an intelligent child going about things in the worst way(s) possible to get what he wants.

Sunday brought more cleaning up around the house. I filled the bird feeder. Later in the afternoon I missed the party in the pond. My in-laws tried to call me but I didn’t hear them from upstairs. The birds were swooping into the pond, landing on the rock and flapping their wings to get them clean. This morning I saw nearly a dozen birds in the sugar maple near the bird feeder.

Two aunts came by to see the house on Sunday. They liked it. We’ve offered to step up for family events. They don’t think Grandpa could make it up the steps though. He’s using his motor scooter more than his walker this days.

My mother’s been having problems getting around. From what I can piece together, her osteopenia has caused heel spurs to develop. The last two times I’ve seen her she’s been using a cane to get around.

We had our first uninvited guest. Twice I’ve seen a black and white cat sleeping on our porch. On Sunday I saw another cat coming from the garage but he took off. I hope I don’t find a dead bird while I’m weeding.

The guest bedroom is nearly done. My husband painted it yesterday and did a wonderful job. It’s “Horizon Haze” which looks like a cartoon blue according to my husband. I think greens and wood items will look good in the room.

My Harry Potter book arrived Saturday morning. Our mail carrier banged and the door and took off. When I got to the door she yelled from the sidewalk “I wanted to make sure you got your book!” She’s always cheerful.
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