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A long time ago my mother gave me a “cleaning kit” with baking soda, white vinegar, spot shot, denture cleaning tabs, and Talking Dirty Laundry With The Queen Of Clean in an attempt to show me the light. I’ve used some of the things and not all of them have worked. While we were moving I looked through the book before I put it in the Half Price Books pile. One thing that stuck with me was that towels should be washed separately from clothes (so as not to get pills on each other) and towels should not be dried with fabric softener (so the towels will be more absorbent). I tried this the other night. I noticed the towels weren’t as soft but they are soaking up more water. Hmm.

Yesterday I was able to watch a bird use the pond. Not long after a squirrel came by and took a drink too. He then crouched down and walked under the fence to our neighbor’s backyard. The animals seem to like the flat part near where the water comes out. When I walked down the slate path the bird feeder was on the ground and a squirrel was next to it looking guilty. He watched me from the corkscrew willow while I put the feeder back together.

Hubby fixed the toilet handle that broke the other day. It’s weird. I’ve always been the fix-it one and now he’s taken on that role with the house. Now if only the cabinet in the hallway would shut right… :)

I’ve hardly done any unpacking but I am starting to get some dresser drawers filled up and organized. We’re sharing it until we get a new bedroom suite. I’ve been getting home on the late side (between 6:30pm and 7pm) which gives me enough time to make/eat dinner, do a load or two of laundry, spend a little time with my hubby and go to bed.

I’m behind in my tv watching. I think I’ve given up on John From Cincinnati. I’ve been waiting for something to happen and I have two or three hours to watch. I’d rather finish up The World Series of Pop Culture.
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