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The little things

It's the little things in life that make us happy, isn't it?

All day yesterday I raved about the new windows to anyone that would listen. There were a few that still needed a little more work to cut down on drafts and make them look nice. My husband had the day off so he got to listen to them doing the work outside. The light that comes in from the windows in the morning is different than it was and the overall feel of the apartment is different too. It's quite a contrast from the last few weeks. The resemblance to a meat locker was just a little disturbing.

Yesterday was the last day for one of my co-workers. He's making a career change and starts at the police academy on Monday. I think he will make a great police officer. In the last five years he's gone through so many changes... gotten married, built a house, the birth and death of a child, and the birth of twins. And he's younger than me by four years or so. He didn't take full advantage of college when he had the opportunity and he's always regretted it. I think he'll be happy with his present path in life. Tonight a group of us are meeting him and his wife at Dave and Buster's. I'll probably have a good time but it will be difficult. Each time one of my friends leaves work I don't seem to see them again.

Today I found an interesting job at OSU. The university title is Systems Developer/Engineer but the real title is Instructional Technology Specialist - Help Desk Liaison. It would be analyzing and improving service levels, working with the Remedy ticketing system to improve the self help areas for end-users and I might have to respond to some help tickets from end-users. It pays $1500 to $8500 more than what I make now and is a heck of a lot closer to where I live. The job is only posted until the day after Christmas. I have to get a move on that!

Last night I got to watch a few episodes of Buffy and Angel. Earlier in the week we finally got the explanation of where her sister suddenly appeared from. I'm glad that mystery is cleared up. It was really starting to make me mad.

My plans for the weekend include Christmas shopping, making cookies, staying the night with my parents, more Angel and Buffy, grocery shopping and maybe making Buckeyes. I need to get some writing in there too.

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