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Something Funny and Something Sad

Something arrived at work today that made me think of jotyanu

Hello. I'd like to tell you all about a grave injustice that almost took place this week.
*insert picture of cute pug with a sad face lying on a couch*
You see, due to a typo in a COMPANY NAME marketing memorandum a few hundred pugs like me were almost forced to swallow Starbucks giftcards and then get stuffed into FedEx packages where we would no doubt arrive to you... well, I don't even want to think about what you would open your mail to find!

Luckily for us, someone noticed the typo in time. "Mugs" are certainly a more practical gift than "pugs."

COMPANY NAME would like to thank you all again for making 2007 our best year ever. We couldn't do it without your continued support. Please enjoy a coffee break on us while we try to figure out what to do with all of these dogs running around the office.

The package included a nice travel mug with a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. I gave the Gift Card to my boss but haven't decided what to do with the mug yet. Unless a gift is stated it's specficly for me, I spread the wealth amongst all my co-workers.

Speaking of co-workers... a co-worker lost his daughter to hydrops. She was born June 9th and has been in the hospital this entire time. She passed away yesterday

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