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Wild Kind of Day

The last 24 hours have been full of ups and downs. 
Found label maker
Found my mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe
Found the coin stash that’s used for vacation cash
Found hubby’s passport
Found home warranty
Found next book to review
Running toilet fixed
May have found a bed for the guest bedroom
(Hopefully) final piece needed for porch furniture arrived
Living room and tv room furniture delayed from Aug. 20th to Aug. 27th to Sept. 10th
Leak from roof into the hallway
Home warranty doesn’t cover leak
Water coming in through pipe in roof that doesn’t go anywhere – roofer can’t/won’t fix since he had nothing to do with the pipe
So we have a call into our realtor about the roof. The roofer recommended that we have the prior owner pay for it. I imagine we’ll probably have to pay for it out of our pocket. I suppose it’s good I’ve been trying to sock away any extra money we get. 

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