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Thursday Fun

Thursday night was a fun night for me. I made tacos for dinner. I can't remember the last time I made dinner. It's like a go through phases where I make dinner for a week or more, then I just get tired of it.

While eating we watched Big Brother. It was an especially good night since someone was getting voted out of the house, and it seemed like it would be Scott. Scott is a dumb meathead. The only person I dislike more than Scott is Jase. Scott was voted out. *cheers* Also, Adria's identical twin earned the right to enter the house on her own. This is going to ruin the alliance the men had put together.

I played EQ for a few hours. My guildmates and I went to Veksar and visited the shopkeeper there. What I like about Veksar is that we can go there with just three of us, or an entire group and have fun. With the summer there is a big lull so it is hard to find people on the same nights that I am. It's not just my guild that has this problem though... it's any guild that doesn't have teenagers on vacation from high school. At least that is what I've heard from the other guilds in my closed guild alliance and from the other role-play guild leaders.

More about the weekend later.

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