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Tummy and Vacation

Saw the tummy doctor yesterday. Before he came in I got to overhear a conversation with one of the nurses regarding patients who called in about their medications. It was really quite funny. I know he would react the same way if I had asked these questions.

No new tests to take this year. I may not need another colonoscopy or the other tests for about 8 more years unless I get worse. My medicine is the same. His office took some blood to check my CBCs and liver enzymes. I lost 4 pounds since last year. My ob/gyn and he are friends so we were laughing about what my ob/gyn said about him.

I've booked my flight for my October vacation. There is no turning back now! Well, there could be but it's not likely. :) Now I must figure out what my Halloween costume will be this year. The Magic 8 Ball was a big hit last year because it was an interactive costume.