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Day Three - NaNoWriMo Update

I skipped the write-in that was scheduled for today. I spent it cleaning the house and taking a nap.

The word count for today is 751 words. Total word count is 1707.

Synopsis: An apprentice shamaness is sent away from her village to obtain more wort. Nearly the entire village is sick and more wort will be needed for the cure. She has thirty days to get to the closest town and return with the wort.

Several hours later, she could see a tower and some buildings in the distance. The outpost housed a few warriors who were assigned to the duty of patrolling the plains. Hunters also used the outpost as a place to stay. It often took several days to complete a hunt. The hunters usually preferred to sleep in the semi-permanent dwellings of the outpost. Makeshift camps could be buried underneath a snowstorm. It was more difficult for the wild life to get to the kill of the day if it was kept inside one of the storage facilities. The warriors enjoyed the company for it assured them they would not grow lonely during the weeks they were on duty. Every week the rotation was staggered so a new warrior would arrive and an old warrior would leave. In this manner no one got on another’s nerves too much. It was easier to forgive someone’s mouth or snoring when it was something that only had to be tolerated for a few weeks at a time.
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