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Day Four - NaNoWriMo

Total Word Count = 2369

I'm pretty much on my own this week while hubby is busy with work events. I began this novel with a few bullet points of events so I've been struggling somewhat. Today I'm a bit disappointed in myself. I didn't write as much as I wanted and I didn't take advantage of the extra hour given to me by Congress. But I can't beat myself up about it. There's no point.

The sickness would begin with an ache in the body. It was one of those things where it could have been sore muscles from an overly active day or it could have been something worse. Then the lungs and nose filled up. The purpose of the mixture on the chest was to clear the breathing passages and dry up the fluid that had built up. If blood came up with the cough the person was probably going to die. No one knew exactly when it arrived but it had touched nearly everyone in the village after three weeks. Already one child and four adults had died.

The closer Margeaux got to the outpost the more she felt something was wrong. Ten people at the outpost was considered a crowd. She didn't see anyone at all. No sounds of wolves or dogs. Margeaux removed her knife and held it down by her leg in case she would need it.

The tower. She realized what was wrong. No one was in the tower. A sentry, sometimes two, was posted there to see who was coming towards the outpost.
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