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NaNoWriMo Day Eight

I got back on the laptop today to do more writing.

Not much got done though but every word counts. Total word count is 2957. Gotta break 3K tomorrow!

Margeaux closed the door behind her and rebolted it. Her next stop was the tower. She climbed up the ladder and pushed open the trapdoor. It appeared to be deserted. Margeaux went into the tower and looked down over the grounds of the outpost. She turned in a slow circle. Mostly all she could see was the white of the snow. Looking over the outpost she couldn't see any movement in the immediate vicinity. In the distance she could see a few animals ambling along minding their own business. She didn't see any signs of hunters following them. No smoke came from the warrior lodge.

Her forehead furrowed. The muscles in her jaw tightened. It seemed an impossible thought that the warriors abandoned the outpost. Barbarians had a sense of loyalty and a code of honor.