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NaNoWriMo - Day Nine

Today I spent about an hour writing. The first part wasn't all that productive because I had a tv show on. The second half went better. I had the 80s station of the Music Choice channel as background. I may need to just bust out the ipod shuffle. At work it seems to help me concentrate and block out the things around me. It was my best writing day yet this month for the novel. I wrote 823 words. Total word count is 3780. Gotta go to bed as Sammy and I have an early vet appointment.

Up ahead was a path cut into the side of the mountain. It seemed to be a mixture of snow and packed down dirt. She heard no sound from above or below. The map was again consulted. There was one more option. She could follow the base of the mountain until the water source for the river was reached. It looked like there would be a crossing point there. There was still light available from the sun. In the dark it could be easy to miss the crossing area. At least on the mountain path she could follow the path by touch. She looked around and found a stick about half the length of her arm. It was a great length for what Margeaux needed.

The path was the best choice. It was fairly flat and even. Her foot would kick a rock now and then. It would fly a few feet in front of her. She'd try to avoid it a second time. When she was younger she disliked walking long distances. To make the distance and time go faster she did not concentrate on the distance at all. Margeaux found an object to occupy her. Maybe it was the pace of the person walking with her. She could not let the other person pass her. They'd switch the front runner off and on until Margeaux broke out into a run to increase the distance between them. Concentrating on a rock would accomplish the same goal. If she kicked the same rock over and over trying to keep it ahead of her the distance would seem surmountable. When night fell it would be difficult to see the rock. Margeaux just held the stick to her right and let it lead the way to the end of the path and the other side of the mountain. She could do this on her own. She didn't need a rock or another distraction.
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