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NaNoWriMo - Day Ten

Today has been a very good writing day. A challenge was thrown out today to write 10k words over the weekend. I accepted the challenge and have written 2233 words so far.

There were two write-ins today and I attended one of them. I went to the one at the Parsons Road branch of the library.

I earned my first reward today which is the 2007 NaNoWriMo t-shirt! It arrived mid-week but I would not allow myself to wear it until I reached 5k.

The hard drive going bad on the PC was a bit soulcrushing as it was a nuisance I really don't want to deal with right now. The author pictures my friend took are on the hard drive - I was not smart enough to put them on a CD or on Flickr for future use. I think I may go with a Maxtor 300GB drive for just over $100 (product # 316141). Now I just have to research if a place in town can copy the old 80gb drive to the 300gb. It sounds easy enough, right?

Margeaux studied the cracker she held in her hand. It was heavy and had a yeasty smell. The outside was brown and dull. She hoped it would not be as dry as it looked. She bit into it
The juice of a dozen berries exploded in her mouth. She looked at the cracker in amazement. It looked no smaller than it had looked before she took a bite. Margeaux took a second bite. Then a third. Each one was sweeter than the last. She squinted at the cracker.

It definitely was not changing size. She wrapped it in a piece of dry cloth and returned it to her pack. This was no ordinary cracker. Rykel had indeed given her something useful.
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