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NaNoWriMo - Day Eleven

I forgot to post for yesterday!

I didn't meet the weekend 10k challenge but it did push me to write more when I didn't want to do it. Total Word Count for the Novel is 5888.

The path did begin to widen. A campfire to one side of the path was ahead of her. Only the way she came was behind her. The fire cast an orange glow. Three figures were around the fire. One stood up. He removed meat from the roast with a short sword, slicing it onto a metal plate. Two others sat on a log pulled a foot or so away from the fire. He passed the plate to one of the sitting figures. The second sitting figure handed him a metal plate. He resumed slicing off more meat. He handed the plate back. Lastly, he bent over to retrieve his own plate.

Margeaux's mouth began to water. She hadn't eaten fresh roasted meat in days. Her last meal in the village was some fish. The last thing she ate was jerky with her morning meal. She'd been surprised by the findings at the outpost and had skipped the second meal of the day. Margeaux bit her lip. Should she stay hidden and have more jerky or the cracker? Or should she expose herself and hope they would share their meal with her? Her body betrayed her with its answer. A gurgle came from her stomach. It was loud enough that the man standing up stopped slicing meat for his own place and turned in her direction.

"Who's there?"

She noticed he was holding out his sword in the direction of the path. She stepped out and introduced herself with a bow.

"I am Margeaux of the McLanahan clan up North."

"Step forward a wee bit more, Margeaux, so we can see ye."

She stepped into the light of the campfire. The two who had been sitting down were now standing. The shortest one held an axe. She was at least a foot taller than the tallest man. Her left arm was up in the air. Her right hand hovered by the pants pocket that concealed the knife. She didn't think she could kill all three in a fight but she could cause quite a bit of damage. Palm side up with her right hand she gave the impression she was a harmless passenger on the mountain path. Of course, she was harmless but the three didn't know that.

"You're a tall one, ain't ye?"

"I'm on my way to Lerod. Have you come from there?"

As she walked closer she could see the party consisted of two Humans and a Dwarf. The Dwarf sat down and set his axe on the ground next to him. The dagger in the hand of the sitting human disappeared to an unknown place. The taller human who had served the food wiped his short sword with a bit of cloth. He spoke.

"We don't like to go to towns much. My name is Gerry."

He pointed the now clean sword at the other Human. "This is Ardrian. The Dwarf is Chim. Have a seat and we'll fix ye a plate."

Ardrian handed an empty plate to Gerry. Using the short sword again, he sliced more meat off the roast and placed it on the empty plate.

"We're having deer for supper tonight. It was out in the woods. Ardrian killed it with an arrow to the neck."

Chim broke a piece from a loaf of bread, "I carried it on my back all day." He grinned up at her. "I'll bet you didn't think a Dwarf could carry something bigger than himself, did you?"
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