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NaNoWriMo - Day Twelve

I brought my USB flash drive to work with me but didn't get any writing done.

Total Word Count Today 6708. The official word count on the site is 6709. It can be easier to write more when your main character meets other people. You know... dialogue helps.

Margeaux shoved her right glove into her coat pocket. She ate the deer meat with her fingers. Drops of grease slid down her fingers towards her palm. The skin on the outside was crispy burnt in places. Margeaux took small bites so as to not burn the roof of her mouth. She blew on the meat and her fingers. Her fingers would probably be pink and sore in the morning; an almost burn. The four of them were quiet as they ate their meal. Chim passed the loaf of bread to Margeaux. She tore off a hunk of it for herself. It had a good crust to it. The smell was yeasty and the bread seemed to be fresh. Margeaux gave it a thump. It had a hollow sound which she took to be the sign of a good bread.

There were actually three schools of thought regarding a good bread. Firstly, any bread is good that doesn't contain mold or anything that it shouldn't have… like larvae. Secondly, the only good bread was heavy bread. The heavier the bread the more likely it was to be filling. The denseness indicated less air in the bread. It was practically a meal in itself. Thirdly, the only good bread was a light bread. The more air in the bread, the finer the skill of the baker and hence the better quality of the bread. The first school of thought is certainly a valid one. People with low expectations who regularly dine on breads containing items that aren't part of the original ingredients usually belong to the first school of thought. For Margeaux, bread in her village was often the dense, heavy, kind. It was not entirely unheard of to use rolls as weapons. A roll flung across a tavern could cause a concussion or a black eye if the bread was stale. This loaf of bread was an oval shape. The crust was a light golden brown color with a bit of shine to it. It lightness seemed to float in her belly with each bite of the wonderous bread. Quite simply, the bread was the exact opposite of the bread she was used to eating. For that reason alone it seemed to her to be a good bread. Margeaux handed the bread loaf to Gerry.

She asked the group, "Where are you from?"

Ardrian answered, "We're from nowhere and everywhere."

"Where are you going now?"

This time it was Gerry who replied, "Oh, Lass, the less ye know about that the better for all."

Chim gave a growl. "We're bandits, wanted by the authorities and not wanted at all by the people we rob."

"Bandits? The three of you do not look like bandits to me."

"Have you seen bandits?"

Margeaux chewed and swallowed a piece of meat before she offered her reply. "To be honest… no. Or at least none that I'm aware of."

Laughter surrounded her. Chim's right elbow wiped away his tears.

Gerry said, "Lass, ye have a lot of living to do yet. Nearly everyone ye'll meet in life is a bandit of some sort."
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