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NaNoWriMo - Day Eighteen

As a reward for reaching 10k, we went to see Beowulf in IMAX 3-D. It was a very good distraction.

My Total Word Count today is 11,256. The original intent was to spend the entire day writing to get close to the additional 7087 words I needed to reach my weekend challenge of 10k. Instead, I only wrote 177 words.

Sammy was horrible. He barked a lot and peed a lot (inside the house). I felt like I was cleaning up after him every other hour. Hubby picked up the new hard drive. As I suspected, with no operating system on it, I have no way of verifying whether or not the files he requested be copied over are done or not. I found a copy of Windows XP for $140 so I ordered it and it should be here in a few days.

The Barbarian speaking goblin carried a plate and headed straight for the cage that held Margeaux.
It shouted something to the guard. The goblin guard unlocked the cage door for the Barbarian speaking goblin who placed the plate on the floor of the cage. The guard slammed the door shut and made a big show of locking the door up. The shaman goblin spoke to Margeaux.
"Here is some food for your evening meal. Some meat and some bread. The King wishes for you to show me what you know of the cure in the morning."
Margeaux looked downcast. "A night here? I can't even stand properly."
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