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Merry Christmas Eve!

I had planned on writing yesterday but things were really crazy.  There was a level 3 snow emergency at work though it was a level 2 in the county surrounding it.  I was on the phone most of the day speaking to all kinds of people.  One our VPs ended up picking up people that lived around the area and bringing them in. My boss' boss was not happy since our disaster recovery plan was not implemented. 

"Our disaster recovery plan includes taking things from that building and driving to our Cleveland office.  Our Telecom department will switch the phones over to that location."

"That's a horrible plan.  We'll talk about it on Monday."

Gee... we've only been bugging our IS department for the last few months to say that it's a horrible plan.  And our Telecom department never returned our phone calls yesterday to have them assist us with dialing in and changing the announcements our customers hear when they first call us.  How responsive is that?  Wait till my boss finds out it was the building manager and the CIO who declared our building closed yesterday.

For years my department has been trying to get a new phone system.  We've looked at two or three systems.  Each time it was taken to the board they said no.  We've looked at new call tracking systems over the years and we've found two that would be great.  Each time it was taken to the board they said no.  Two months ago I start to hear rumblings of how we're getting the Seibel CRM package and I'm skeptical. 

I saw a demo of it a few weeks ago.  I like most of it, but I'm skeptical.  The board starting to look at it and seems to have decided we're getting it... but they never asked the call center about it.  We log 75% of the company's tickets.  If we'd had a newer phone system or Seibel, people with power and a working telephone could have dialed into work remotely and taken calls.  An administrator would just need to indicate which telephone number to send their calls to.  Easy Peasy! 

The funny thing is that the VP that was bringing people in was shocked when I told him that our current phone system does not allow us to have people login remotely.

My husband finally got the car unburied from the snow and ice around 4pm.  I finished wrapping all of our presents.  I walked over to the beauty shop and got my hair cut.

Now, this was no ordinary visit to the beauty parlor.  Prior to my marriage, I used to go one place to get my hair done and it usually cost $25.  I found out later that the owner (who used to cut my hair) is a relative of my husband's cousin.  She didn't recognize me at the wedding shower.  Since getting married, I've generally gone the inexpensive route to get my hair cut even though it's meant that I don't have someone I like cut my hair and I never know how it will turn out.  I won a gift certificate from the library during their summer reading program for this place around the corner.  I won it in July or August and it expires at the end of December.  It's an expensive looking place and the gift certificate was for $40.  I've walked by this place for the last eight years but never thought I'd go inside.  I was really nervous.

As I leave the comfort of my apartment, I bring some trash with me to leave at the dumpster.  The snow and ice on top weigh the lids down and I can't throw the stuff away.  I leave it there and walk to the place.  Most of the alleyway is slush but there are some icy spots.  The roads could stand to be plowed again if they'd been done before.  The air is cold.  I'm wearing my husband's Carhart coat which is a fashionable green color.  I can't put the hood up because it's stiff from not being worn for so long. 

I arrive at the beauty parlor and immediately my glasses fog up.  I can't see a thing.  I can't get out of my layers without dropping my purse.  I feel like a clutz.  The receptionist, an older man, welcomes me and says he'll let Kathie know I'm here.  There is one woman sitting in a loveseat.  Another chair is occupied by a man.  I wonder where I will sit when I notice an unoccupied chair across from the man.  The seats are leather, and I feel like I've nestled into a pat of butter.  I dry my glasses and I can see again.  I pick up the Gourmet magazine beside my chair and start to look occupied.  The man is reading a magazine too. 

At one point he laughs out loud and I wonder if he's a little bit crazy.  I don't look at him.  The magazine only lasts so long before I can't read anything else in it.  I set it back on the end table and I start to look around the shop.  The man finishes his magazine and asks me if I'm done with my shopping and ready for Christmas.  I take it in stride and we have a conversation.

He's a very open individual and I feel like I've walked into some weird place.  He's a trailing spouse and has lived in Ohio for two years.  He, his wife, and the three kids (17, 14 and 11) live on Glenn Ave. His in-laws are in Dayton so it's nice to be closer to them.  He's one of four kids.  His siblings live in New York, Indiana, and California.  His parents live in Indiana; the entire family is going to a lodge in Michigan which has a tobbagon hill.  He seemed to be my age so I was surprised at the ages of his children.  When Kathie came up and introduced herself I was sorry that our conversation was cut so short.  He seemed like a nice man.

Kathie and I talked about my hair; how I feel about the color, my impressions of it, how I take care of it, yadda yadda yadda.  It was nice.  She wanted to put layers in it and keep the length for now and wondered if I'd go for that.  I said yes, I was up for anything.  She washes and starts to cut.  We talk about losing weight, our dogs, fitness centers, her daughter, how she hates living in Westerville, contacts vs glasses, the eye doctors next door (my husband and I are patients of the owner.  She sees his partner.) and Grandview.  It's nice.  I feel like I've had my second real conversation with a person.  Before I know it, my hair is dry and it's over.  She walks me to the front and introduces me to Richard, the man who took my name earlier.  He's the owner.  I give her a $10 tip.  She asks me to come back again so we can try out some more styles.  I feel important and a little ashamed that I thought the place would be a snooty one. 

After walking home my husband isn't crazy about my hair.  He says it's taller on top then he thought it would be and it will take him a while to get used to it.  He said I looked like one of his aunts.  I'm a little disappointed in his reaction but I'm fine with it.  I go outside and break up the ice and snow on the dumpster.  Someone else had the same problem as I did and left their bag of trash by it.  The dog is with me and loves exploring the snow.  Since the snow is white and covers everything, he can't tell the difference between the grassy part and the parking lot. He sniffs around the sidewalk, walking onto the parking lot in front of a car that didn't pull all the way in.  He sniffs and smells the empty spot next to it.  I'm worried because a car might pull in and squish him.  I command him to come towards me and he does.  He's back on the grassy part of our yard and I'm happy.  I return to my work on the dumpster until I have to clean up after him.

I didn't really want to bake cookies last night.  We end up watching several Buffys and Angels.  I'm so psyched about this particular season.  It's a relief that Riley is gone.  The character that has been really growing on me the last two seasons has been Spike.  There is a certain look he gets around Buffy that tells me that if she'll wake up she might realize he's the long-term guy.  *chuckles* He's a vampire so I guess he'd be long-term huh?

The phone rings at 8am but no one leaves a message.  My husband reminds me that I can *69 the call and find out who it was.  I do and it's my co-manager who is in Northeastern Ohio with his family for the holidays.  He lives in Columbus on the weekdays.  Our boss' boss who didn't like the disaster recovery plan told him on Friday that he's going to manage an on-site Help Desk from January to March in... California I think.  It was news to him.  I wonder if our boss knows yet.  That wll leave the department to me and our Team Lead who is taking on the same work as me but not getting the title or a pay raise.  I want my leaving to screw over upper management the way they've screwed me over in recent years and they are just making it better for me all the time.  Anyway, I called him and left him a phone mail message.

Every time I tried to take a nap yesterday the phone would ring within 10 or 15 minutes.  My husband decided to get up and take his bath.  He told me he feels like he's living in command central with Donald Rumsfeld.  My husband is funny.


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